Oracle XE: Repository creation utility (RCU) max processes

When you install the Oracle fusion middleware schema’s for development and you use Oracle XE.

You have to increase your processes in your XE installation as follow:

First login

[thomas@oel5505 software]$ sqlplus "sys as sysdba"
<pre>alter system set processes = 250 scope=spfile;

This because the RCU tool requires a minimun of 200 processes.

Note: Every proces takes an amount of memory. If you put it this parameter to high your database will be dead…’

Following system parameter could give an RCU error:  sga_max_size
You have to set this to a minimum of 159383552.

Do this by

[thomas@oel5505 software]$ sqlplus "sys as sysdba"
<pre>alter system set sga_max_size=159383552 scope=spfile;
shutdown immediate;